Tax & Compliance

The taxation landscape is forever changing. Here at Adams Accounting we ensure our clients receive the highest quality of advice and service. Our team regularly attends professional seminars to ensure consistency of advice no matter who handles your affairs.

With our extensive knowledge we offer a vast list of taxation services such as:

  • Specialist Taxation Advice
  • Preparation and Lodgement of Income Taxation Returns
  • Year End Taxation Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning and Calculations
  • BAS Preparation and Lodgement
  • Fringe benefits tax advice
  • Estate and Will Planning
  • Handling of Australian Taxation Office Audits

To take advantage of our expertise contact us today.

  • Year End Tax Planning

    Many businesses overlook this key service in regards to their tax compliance. Some view it as an unnecessary cost. However by not undertaking year end tax planning an on annual basis, many businesses are missing out on the chance to identify effective tax minimisation opportunities. Paying more tax than required is the real unnecessary cost.

  • Estate and Will Planning

    With today’s strict and complicated legislation on estate and will planning it can become extremely confusing and stressful to deal with at a very sensitive time. At Adams Accounting we will assist you in ensuring you and your loved ones financial affairs meet your wishes and are structured tax effectively.

  • Fringe Benefits Tax

    Many Australian employers are blissfully unaware of what Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) is, let alone whether they have any obligations. Being such a wide catching net if any of the following apply to your business, you may have FBT obligations you are unaware of for simple acts such as

    • Providing a car to an employee or associate
    • Providing a loan to an employee or associate
    • Reimbursing an employee or associate for expenses that are not tax deductible
    • Provision of meals and entertainment to employees and associates (includes Christmas break-up!)
    • Providing a car park, whether commercial or onsite, to employees or associates
    • Providing a gift of any kind to an employee or associate

  • Australian Tax Office Audits

    The ATO is continually increasing their audit funding, capabilities and success rate. Therefore businesses and individuals alike need to face the reality that it’s not a matter of if you’ll get audited; it’s a matter of when. In most cases, with current research, you will be audited within the next 5 years. Adams Accounting can take care of you so you don’t receive any unexpected fees with our tailored “Safe Tax” audit protection service. Ask us today before it’s too late.


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