Business Services

Adams Accounting is dedicated to becoming the most trusted third party advisor for your business and personal financial needs. With a holistic approach to the business world we leave no stone unturned to make sure nothing is missed and you receive accurate, relevant and timely advice.

With our experience, we offer a vast range of business services to ensure your every need is met including:

  • New Business Setup
  • Business Management & Planning
  • Valuation for Business Acquisitions & Sales
  • Financial Reporting & Benchmarking
  • Bookkeeping & General Administrative Tasks
  • Cash Flow & Budget Projections
  • Business Restructuring
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Loan Application Completion
  • Assessment of Refinance Options
  • Marketing & Business Growth Advice

  • Stress Free Bookkeeping

    Bookkeeping and record keeping alike, take a lot of time, effort and patience. That’s time, effort and patience invested into maintaining your business instead of growing it, and more time to spend enjoying all life has to offer. Adams Accounting are experts at bookkeeping and record keeping with flexible options for all scenarios available:

    • On or off site maintenance
    • Software selection advice
    • BAS preparation and lodgement
    • Any other general administrative tasks

  • Financial Reporting & Benchmarking

    Finding it hard to see value in the preparation and production of your financial reports?

    It’s a common issue and relates back to the basic understanding of what the numbers mean. Extracting the relevant ratios, analysing what they mean and how they can be improved or eliminated, is not in the average business owners skill set. That’s why Adams Accounting is here to help point out areas of excellence and those areas that require further attention. Through the use of financial ratios and industry benchmarking on a regular basis, your business could benefit from earlier recognition and extinguishment of issues.

  • Business Management & Planning

    Once the analysis of your financial reports is complete you may have various strategies or actions to implement. Coming up with the ideas and strategies is the easy part. Implementing and following through with the strategies is the hard part. Having monthly, quarterly or bi-annual management meetings with Adams Accounting will help ensure all action plans and the progress of these action plans are being monitored, and more importantly, completed.

  • Cash Flow & Budget Projections

    Along with year end tax planning, cash flow and budget projections are seen by many business owners as an unnecessary cost. However, why put in so much effort trying to run and grow your business, if at the end of the day you have no documented expectations to compare your results with?

    Setting an overall profit or cash flow surplus target is a start, but there are many ways to exceed or fall short of that figure. It may be machinery failure, employee issues, material costs or just simply not reaching revenue goals through slow economy or pricing yourself out of the market.

    Preparing cash flow and profit budgets and comparing these to actual results on a periodical basis is another effective way for you to identify problem areas within your business. Adams Accounting is skilled and proficient at producing the required statements as well as providing a sounding board to bounce ideas, questions and solutions off.

  • Business Restructuring

    Having the right business structure can save you thousands of dollars through various cost saving combinations on

    • Income tax
    • Payroll tax
    • Key business assets protected
    • Personal wealth & assets protection
    • Disputes amongst business partners
    • Ease of bringing in new business partner(s)
    • Ease of selling your business or your stake in a business

    Adams Accounting is at the forefront in combating the rising individual tax rates and stricter legislation applying to trusts and companies alike, in the process ensuring that your personal assets and key business assets are protected from business trading conditions. This cannot be understated. Having a one hour meeting with us to discuss your current structure will be the smartest business decision you make this financial year.

  • Marketing & Business Growth

    If you don’t already have a marketing strategy in place it is imperative you spend the time and effort to make one. If you’re relying on print media to reach your market, then your competitors will be leaving you behind. Society, in particular Gen X & Y, are spending more and more time sourcing their needs online through Google etc. If you leave it too long to update your marketing strategy you will be placing your share of the industry at risk.

    Adams Accounting can help you produce a professional marketing strategy with our unique process, by looking at every aspect of your business.

  • Financial Services

    Having outdated or incorrect finance arrangements can place a crippling hold on business growth and personal wealth creation. Adams Accounting, in conjunction with our network of trusted financial advisors, will work to get you the best finance scenario possible.

    In some cases it may be the finance of a vehicle or equipment. In comparing the dealer finance offered versus our advisors recommendations has equated to thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the finance arrangement. When offered finance by a dealer, always seek alternative options to ensure you are getting a market rate deal and not unnecessarily costing yourself hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars.


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